tea mountain and farmers are picking green tea

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Enjoy our tea is a website for those interested in drinking tea. We are a club for loose-leaf teas (and tea bags, maybe in the future). We give info on the famous ones and their benefits. And also explains how to brew each tea and helps you choose the right one. Plus, we review popular online tea shops.

My name is Chris. I was born in Xinyang, Henan, China, the origin of Maojian tea, one of China’s top 10 famous teas. Because of my family and culture, I grew up with green tea. I learned how to choose, make, and store it.

While my friends played, I learned from my grandparents by picking tea in the mountains. So it’s not just cultural influence, tea drinking is my hobby.

Come visit my family’s tea garden and taste the genuine Xinyang Maojian tea if you coming to China. Of course, if you are interested in other teas, I would be pleased to share some of my collection with you. Hahaha.

In summary, welcome to my tea world. I hope you enjoy yourself here. If you have any suggestions, please email or leave me a message. I want to keep bringing you the best tea in the future. We will experience the wonders of culture together.


I was born in Xinyang, home of Maojian tea. Eager to share my extensive tea knowledge. Welcome to my tea world.



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